Fun Winter Activities To Do Indoors in NYC

Fun Winter Activities To Do Indoors in NYC

New York City is a top destination for outdoor activities, including walking the bustling streets, admiring the stunning architecture, visiting iconic parks, and enjoying street fairs or rooftop bars. During the winter, the cold weather can put a damper on these plans fortunately, there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy in NYC during the winter.

From visiting world-class food markets and museums to participating in unique and energetic activities like indoor climbing and paintballing, there are endless options for a fun day out with friends and family.


Food Markets and Flea Markets

New York City is known for its diverse and innovative food options, and indoor markets offer a great way to sample a variety of foods and shop for locally sourced goods. Some of the best indoor markets in the city include Chelsea Market, Time Out Market in Brooklyn, and Industry City. These markets offer a variety of independent stores and vendors, making them the perfect place to explore and discover new foods and products.


Get Competitive Over Drinks

Gather friends and head to one of NYC’s many bars that offer indoor activities like mini-golf, bowling, shuffleboard, and adult jungle gyms. The Skee-Ball-themed bar in Williamsburg, the wild mini-golf-themed bar in Midtown, Swingers, The Gutter Lounge, and Wonderville in Bushwick are some of the popular options to let your competitive side loose and have fun over drinks.

Eat Dinner and Catch a Flick

For a more relaxed evening, consider dining and catching a flick at one of New York’s many old-school picture houses or quirky cinemas. The IFC Centre in Lower Manhattan and Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg are some of the popular options that offer a unique movie-going experience with food and drink service.



Museums and Art

New York City is home to some of the world’s best museums and galleries. The Met, MoMA & the New York Public Library in Midtown are must-visit museums that offer an escape from the cold weather while providing a rich cultural experience.

The Bronx Botanical Garden & Victoria Garden also provides a great opportunity to walk between indoor rainforests and desert climates.



From the bustling Food Markets in Midtown to the energetic adventure parks in Williamsburg, New York City offers countless ways to spend a cold and rainy afternoon whilst avoiding the weather entirely. Which will be the first you will be checking out first on your cold days in NYC? 


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