Here’s why your New Year Resolution should be to move to New York City! 

Here’s why your New Year Resolution should be to move to New York City! 


Welcome to 2023! Each and every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark some positive change in the New Year. The recurring themes each year include getting fitter, quitting an unhealthy habit, or picking up a new hobby. But, we often set ourselves the same goals and never really stick to them. However, it’s 2023, why not shake things up and consider a resolution that we will not only stick to but will also be a life-changing experience and move to the greatest city in the world – New York!


Making the decision to move to a new city is big, and there could be a variety of different ways to do it. Be it, enrolling in a course at one of the many amazing universities New York has to offer. Or finding your dream job or internship as a young professional. There are probably at least 1,000 reasons why you should move to New York City this year, however, we’re here to show you some of our favorite reasons why 2023 should be the year you make the big move to the big apple!




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out for your favorite meal at 2 am, catch a movie in the middle of the night or even go for a manicure at 6 am? You can pretty much get anything your heart desires 24 hours a day in New York City. Visit a grocery store, drug store, or deli at any time and in a single sweep. This convenient lifestyle is something you simply cannot find anywhere else, not to mention the flawless 24-hour transportation systems with the iconic New York subway, buses, or even bikes. Known as one of the most transit-ready cities in the US, NYC offers a wide range of ways to get around in the most convenient ways possible. 


Energy & Inspiration

New York has an enthusiasm that can make anybody feel like they can accomplish anything they set out to do. The fast-paced energy, the buzzing traffic, the hustle of its residents, the 24-hour life, and the ever-present creative spirit make NYC one of the most vibrant and inspiring places to live. When you step out of your apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn, I’m sure you will find inspiration everywhere. Whether this is in the busy streets, on the iconic New York subway, at a Broadway show, or in one of the city’s countless coffee shops, a plethora of inspiration lives in the city that can inspire anyone to become the greatest version of themselves. 



Variety & Diversity

The variety and diversity of every aspect of the New York Lifestyle are unbeknown to many other cities across the world. Getting bored with exploring the same part of Manhattan? Jump on the subway and escape toBrooklyn to discover a new area that feels like entering a whole new state. Becoming tired of your local bar or restaurant that you visit every weekend? Choose from thousands of different entertainment hubs across the city to cater to whatever mood you’re feeling. Further, one of NYC’s greatest attributes is its diversity. Around 30 percent of New York’s residents hail from other countries, and you can hear this with as many as 700 languages being spoken. So whether you’re thinking about moving to New York this year from a different country, you are certainly not alone in this amazing endeavor and will always be welcomed to New York City with open arms.


New Friendships & Opportunities 

It’s true that New York has some of the most exciting opportunities than anywhere else in the world. Whether this is for your future career, through an array of jobs and internships in every industry imaginable, or academic opportunities, with colleges such as Columbia and NYU offering some of the best vocational courses in the country, New York really is the land of opportunity. Opportunities can also come in the shape of brand-new lifelong friendships. Whether you meet somebody through your new job, in your college class, or by sharing an apartment with them in a co-living space, New York gives you new opportunities every day that can last a lifetime. 

So when considering what exciting new hobbies or changes you are going to adopt in 2023, moving to New York City could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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