We love building
a comfortable and
spacious home that
you can enjoy.

Our Story

Founded in 2009, by two entrepreneurs Aya keeps the good parts of shared housing while removing the hassle. We do all the work making your moving and living experience as stress-free as possible. All housing services are taken care of by our team in house.

Our mission is to create comfortable, spacious, and high-quality serviced living arrangements for individuals looking to live flexibly.

Live together. Live Better.

The Team

We know the importance of living with roommates you love in a comfortable apartment. Our team is a diverse group of experts from all around. We’re committed to making you feel more welcome and connected in New York City.

Was born with 6 toes & can speak 6 languages
Amir Shriki
In love with fashion but somehow in the real estate world
Shani Blumenfeld
General Manager
Mendy Furmanski
Revenue Manager
Charlène Phung
Leasing & Marketing Manager
Bram Olbers
Junior Leasing Manager
Was born with polydactyly and is a thrill seeker
Daniel Reyes
Leasing Associate
Saw The Phantom of the Opera at least 5 times
Valery Aguilar Farfan
Leasing Representative
Favorite color is purple
Maiky Nunez
Asset Management Associate
Fatima Dieng
Product Manager
Speaks 4 languages & is a chef!
Maimouna Ndiaye
Product Manager Associate
Tommaso Nicolazzo
Client Relations Associate

Real Estate Partners

Real estate owners partner with Aya to generate above market rental rates through Aya’s exclusive property management and co-living services.

Bedford Enterprises

Aya has been a pleasure to work with by offering a superior alternative occupying our inventory by the room while taking care of all the logisitics and tenant management.
Traingle Equity Group

As building owners, Aya has made it very easy to work with them as they have systemized the renting process.
Interested in partnering with us?
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