Choose your room on Upper West Side : 5 cool things about UWS

Choose your room on Upper West Side : 5 cool things about UWS

Upper West Side is often viewed as a sleepy residential neighborhood. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, this neighborhood has some of the best cultural and entertainment spots in Manhattan.

Here are 5 reasons why a room on Upper West Side is suitable for students in NYC.

Recreational Parks

Upper West Side boasts many family-friendly locations, such as Riverside Park. The park has a bike and pedestrian path along the Hudson River. Besides, you can enjoy various games, such as tennis, volleyball, and basketball on the courts. You can also while away time watching talent at the skatepark.

In addition, the neighborhood has park benches along Broadway street. Here, people sit to enjoy the scenery that the neighborhood has to offer. 

Grocery Stores

Absolutely no neighborhood in NYC can rival Upper West Side when it comes to grocery stores. The Fairway Market has everything you could need in a grocery all under one roof. From a butchery, deli counter to a wonderful bakery, this store pretty much has all the essentials you’d need from a food store. The Fairway Cafe upstairs is the icing on the cake.

If the queue at Fairway is too long for you, there are many other grocery stores for you to choose from. They include Trader Joe’s, Citarella, and Whole Foods.


The New-York Historical Society has rebranded itself into a stellar destination, since its landmark renovation in 2011. Before then it seemed like a stagnant site stuck in the past. It hosts an American history museum and library. It has also hosted exhibitions and other historical events.

The American Museum of Natural History is also located in this neighborhood. In fact, many guides opine that no trip to Upper West Side is complete with a visit to this site. The museum includes the Hall of African Mammals with elephants and lions, and dinosaur exhibits on the top floor. The LeFrank Theatre at the back of the first floor is perhaps the museum’s best secret. 


Upper West Side neighborhood features great architecture. For example, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is one of the major architectural attractions for new and even old visitors, whether for religious or leisure purposes.

This neighborhood also features some iconic buildings, such as the Apthorp and The San Remo’s sandstone towers.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining and drinking could be one of the greatest experiences if you rent a room on Upper West Side when temperatures are favorable and the snow melts. The Nice Matin restaurant is a great French bistro located on Amsterdam Avenue. You can enjoy your meal at their covered and heated street-side open seating. There’s also an upfront bar for you to quench your thirst.

The Smith mini-chain is another outdoor restaurant that provides an amazing view of the Lincoln Center.

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