Personal Growth During the Coronavirus

Personal Growth During the Coronavirus

As COVID-19 continues to permeate communities and industries around the world, the effects are becoming increasingly more present in our everyday life. With the sudden shift into self- isolation along with the strict social distancing measures, everyone is being forced to slow-down. In some ways, this offers us a chance to take a breath and practice some much-needed introspection. Perhaps word on your personal growth? At AYA we understand what you are going through and are here to help.

For young professionals, stepping out of the everyday hustle is bound to induce anxiety and stress. We are a generation beginning new careers and laying the foundations of our future. It’s time to take advantage of the situation. Make the most of that roof over your head and the roommates you share it with by engaging in these productive acts of personal growth!

Stay Sharp

Whether you have finished school or are currently a student following online instruction, keeping our minds sharp is made easier with a bit of guidance. Top universities around the world including Harvard and NYU offer online courses for free via the website EdX. Also, LinkedIn Learning features a variety of lessons and certifications for software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Perhaps you have always dreamed in becoming fluent in a foreign language? Download apps like Duolingo and team up with your roommates and set goals for future conversations to practice together. It’s always more fun to learn as a group! It keeps you motivated and makes it more challenging as much as rewarding. This fun activity could end up creating fun opportunities like watching movies in that foreign language together… Movie night! YES!


Stay Fit

We are active beings who crave movement. The current lack of outlets for physical activity has a major strain not only on our emotional well being but our entire physiological function. Designate specific, routine, time to engage in online fitness classes with your roommates. You can all get together and follow a free yoga for beginners’ class with Adriene on YouTube. This will provide the same sense of accountability associated with a gym. Sharing accomplishments can boost camaraderie and reframe your living arrangement. Bonding time!


Stay Creative

Young minds work quickly and intuitively. Just like our bodies, our brain exercise is needed to keep our mental muscles pumping. Regardless, if you consider yourself a creative person or not, practicing creative processes for common habitual behaviors can reduce negative thinking and generate healthy coping mechanisms

Exploring the art of cuisine with roommates is a great way to stay creative together! Have your roommates each hold a cooking class teaching a meal from their childhood. Keep it light, casual and open to interpretation. Get to know each other in a different way! Not sure about your recipe? You can always steal more cooking ideas from online magazine Bon Appétit


Stay Social

During this time we realize the things we have long taken for granted. Our friends, social groups and family members have all fallen prey to our packed schedules. Rain-checking and flaking are common for commitments we deem sub-useful or cumbersome.

Now that we have been told we can’t socialize all we want to do is have casual hangouts. Create a book club with your roommates. Take turns picking a book and a time frame it must be finished. Pick nights where you can discuss chapters and debate the ending. This natural, human interaction will bring much-needed closeness in a time focused on isolation. Here’s a list of 27 best books to read of 2020 (so far).

If you still prefer technology, keep it social online with the famous group video chat to help you and your friends be together when you’re not together Houseparty never fails for a fun night in!

Personal growth is often thought of in relation to career development and pre-planned life milestones. With an uncertain view of the next few months, our ideas of the future are quickly changing. This is a time to refocus your perception of personal growth.

Look to your roommates, those within your circle but most important look inward at the person you now have time to be!

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