Choose your room in Bushwick – 5 cool things about Bushwick.

Choose your room in Bushwick – 5 cool things about Bushwick.

Did you know that Bushwick, Brooklyn was once referred to as the “Brewing Capital of the US”?

Back in the 1800s, the city hosted over 50 breweries. The love for beer still lingers in this city to date, with many watering holes apparent in the majority of streets.

However, if drinking is not your hobby, there’s still plenty of reasons why students and interns can choose their room in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s a suitable neighborhood for single and chic professionals looking for an evolving and growing area with competitive rates. 

Besides, this neighborhood could be a thriving haven for you if you’re an artist or freelance graphic designer. This is because many dysfunctional warehouses have been converted into artists’ studios, galleries, and artisanal coffee shops. 

Here are 5 incredible things about choosing your room in Bushwick.

Art & More Art

Describing the street art scene in Bushwick as big is an understatement. It’s enormous. As you might already know, Bushwick was founded on industrial roots. Inspired by this, Joe Ficalora, a steel company proprietor, founded The Bushwick Collective

This is a huge outdoor art gallery where Joe speaks to various property owners seeking their consent for the painting of murals on their walls. The Bushwick Collective helps promote street art and graffiti.

That’s not all. There are as many as 50 art galleries run by artists and organizations, where you can expect to tickle your art fancy. These galleries run exhibits where they feature local artwork and other contemporary work. 

Live Music

Bushwick is home to some of the hippest music venues in Brooklyn. Elsewhere is one popular live music venue in Bushwick. It’s located in an old warehouse that’s subdivided into a nightclub, bar, art gallery, and cafe. 

If you rent a student room in Bushwick, Brooklyn, other live music options for you include The Sultan Room and Market Hotel.

Food & Beverages

Word has it that a new restaurant, coffee shop, or bar pops up every week in Bushwick. The neighborhood’s hospitality realm is a jungle that leaves you spoilt for choice. 

For example, you can enjoy pizza at Roberta’s, an Italian eatery, that also serves coffee-roasted beets and sea lettuce salad. If you’re into Mexican cuisine, you can enjoy a meal at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos. The joint serves tacos, tortas, and taquitos.

After enjoying your lunch or dinner, you can walk into Little Skips, an artisan cafe, where you’ll enjoy various drinks, including cappuccinos, tea lattes, and almond milk. 

Fitness & Wellness

Many people might wonder whether Bushwick residents have a chance to work out with all the drinking at their disposal. There are plenty of gyms that offer gym memberships at affordable fees. They include Planet Fitness, and Green Fitness Studio, which are suitable for boxing enthusiasts.

If you’re into yoga, you’re also spoilt for choice with plenty of yoga studios in the neighborhood, such as Loom and Bhati yoga studios.

Clothes & Jewelry

New York is one of the best places for fashion-forward people who always strive to make a lasting first impression. However, you also don’t want to compromise your budget in favor of your wardrobe as fashion doesn’t come cheap. 

This is why thrifting spots, such as Beacon’s Closet are important. Here, you’ll find vintage and fashionable collections that are pocket-friendly. 

Better Than Jam is an accessories outlet that deals in handmade products and a wide variety of jewelry. This shop also stocks work from local designers and artists.

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