Where To Live While Interning In NYC

Where To Live While Interning In NYC

New York City is really exciting! It is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, being an economic and cultural hub with tons of education, work, and interning opportunities. While there are loads of beautiful places to live, sometimes finding the perfect short-term housing in New York City is difficult as the demand is high, and the market is competitive. Unless you have a trusted source of available room rentals in NYC, you may not know where to start your search. 

One of the most common reasons why people come to NYC is for employment opportunities. Many young people start their careers here, aiming to find internship opportunities within the city to get them valuable work experience. After you have scored the internship of your choice, you will need to hunt down short-term housing in New York City. There are many neighborhoods fit for students, but not all are going to be within your price range. 

Most internships last one semester or run during summer break, so you’re only going to need a place to crash for three months. But the typical lease in NYC is one and sometimes two years. Subletting for the short-term can be a solution, but you want to steer clear of illegal listings. Some buildings, like many co-ops, have rules against subletting, although apartment owners will still try to sublet on the sly. If you’re considering an apartment sublet, be sure to ask whether an apartment owner or leaseholder is truly allowed to sublet, and ask to see the documentation.


Manhattan NYC


University Residences

The magic of NYC is that you can travel everywhere easily, so sometimes living a bit further away will save you loads of money. While still traveling throughout the city with ease. A great place to start your search is at some of the local universities and schools that often have rooms for rent within their residences

NYU is one of these schools offering apartment-style accommodations and dorm-style, for which you can pay anywhere from $350/week, giving you the flexibility you need if you are only staying for the summer months. It’s also handy that you don’t need to be a student at NYU to take advantage of these offers. You’ll have an RA and public safety to keep an eye on you, a meal plan or kitchen so you don’t have to live on Seamless, and a community of other interns and students just like you so you won’t be alone. You’ll also have the independence and fun perks of being a young pro in the city, but your parents probably won’t call you as often to make sure you’re surviving in New York. You can also check out The New School and The Fashion Institute Of Technology. These are great for meeting more young people also looking to start their careers in NYC.




Affordable Neighborhoods

Upon moving to New York, you will want to balance your social and work life. Staying in proximity to your job can be convenient, but it isn’t necessary. Commuting to work will make you more familiar with the different metro lines and streets. Some great neighborhoods where you are more likely to find affordable temporary student housing in NYC are Washington Heights, Hamilton Heights, and Harlem. You may even want to consider living in one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Williamsburg





To Sum Up!

An excellent way to start your search is to determine your internship location and search for accommodations within feasible commuting distance. You can also join a NYC housing forum or speak to some of the employees at the company where you will be an NYC intern.

Most people who have already been living in New York will have insight into suitable neighborhoods for your price range and duration of stay. If there are other interns, you may want to arrange shared accommodation with them for your placement duration. If you take the time to do your research thoroughly, you will be more successful in your hunt.

You can always contact us for a reliable source of available New York City accommodations!

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